Jonathan Gabriel Masters: The Spirit and the Bride

“Hear the echo of the Savior’s loss. It is the measure of what love can cost.” Fans of Josh Garrels, The Lumineers, and John Mark Nelson will want to investigate this debut album. Masters starts with an acoustic guitar base with double tracked vocals and adds layers of lush instrumentation: strings, ambient steel guitar (think Rocket Man, not country music), and horns. And the tunes? This is one of those albums where, on a first listen, I think I’ve heard my favorite. And then I hear the next song, and I’m no longer so sure. Scripture runs strong in the album’s themes. “Always Wanting” reflects on our lack of contentment, based on Matthew 6:25-34. “How is it that the birds, they fly up in the air… and I am always wanting?” Other topics include the call of Nathaniel, the struggle against sin, and the hope of the New Earth. Masters shows his mastery of both guitar and Scripture. When your friends ask aloud where the good new music is, point them here.

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