A few issues back we reviewed the Line 6 PowerCab 112 and PowerCab 112 Plus. In this follow up feature, we’re going to cover about a number of the challenges that we as worship guitar and bass players face.

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Practice • Rehearsal • Sunday aka PRS
At the heart of the issue are the challenges we face as we negotiate the varying sonic environments that separate where we practice, rehearse, and serve on Sunday. If you use a modeling device like Helix, you know how hard it can be to prepare for Sunday. Not knowing what your guitar will sound like by the time it comes out the P.A. can be downright frustrating. Bass players face a similar challenge since many churches either don’t own or allow bass amps on the platform.

The Good News
Fortunately, PowerCab does a great job of solving these challenges. They also solve another key problem in terms of being able to incorporate tracks and loops into our practice and service regime. The following video demonstrates a number of the solutions PowerCab delivers for worship guitar (acoustic-electric included) and bass players!

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