Martin Smith: Love Song For A City

Former Delirious? front man and iconic song writer/producer, Martin Smith has always been a true artist. He does not just write songs to write songs, or to satisfy recording contracts. He writes and performs songs that creatively express the heart of God and the connection He wants to have with His people. His latest release, Love Song For A City features 13 tracks recorded in 11 countries across an 18-month span. The project captures the passion and excitement of thousands of worshipers representing different cultures, ages, and church backgrounds. 7 out of the 13 songs on this collection were newly penned as Smith traveled around the world and worshipped with God’s people in such countries as Australia, Holland, South Africa, Brazil, Columbia, the UK, and of course the US.

Unfolding like a cinematic narrative, the songs flow into each other as if they are interwoven to tell this meta-narrative of how God is worshipped across the nations. Songs like “I Will Sing” and “Song of Solomon” tender anthems of worship that remind us of God’s saving power and his unending love for us, while on the other end of the musical spectrum we are given spirited tracks of enthusiastic songs of victory such as “Forever Yours” and the well-loved “God’s Great Dance Floor”.

Incredibly innovative and well thought out musical landscapes cover this entire album. There are moments of sheer genius, such as the creatively written ballad, “Come Holy Spirit,” which finds Smith crying out for God to show Himself to His people who are lost in this barren world. The arrangement and instrumentation paints a dark and mysterious musical picture of a world that is in need of a Savior to bring love and light.

Smith’s expressive tenor is fabulous throughout this album, and his passion and love for worship comes though just as strong today as it did when Delirious? was birthed back in 1992. The guitar work through this entire album is outstanding, and I really enjoyed the variety of musical scenery and arrangements throughout. My favorite album of 2018 so far. Go download this right now.

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