The Choir: Kissers and Killers (Acoustic)

As one of the most lauded bands in the world of Christian rock since the mid-1980s, The Choir have seen many a music trend come and go. In 1993 they put away their echo pedals, pursuing a distorted noise-rock sound instead of the Cocteau Twins/U2 sonics of their first four releases. The result was the independent release Kissers and Killers, a meditation on love, lunacy, and other human imperfections. It became the basis for the economy-sized Speckled Bird album, which followed soon after. In 2010 when the De-plumed “acoustic career overview” album remade XX Choral tunes, only one track from K&K was included. That deficit has now been corrected with this acoustic remake of the entire eight song collection. Some acoustic remakes are known more for what they remove from the original track, but this one adds while subtracting. “Gripped” now features saxophone and Beatlesque harmonies to one of Steve Hindalong’s best love songs. “Amazing” is enhanced by xylophone, while the title track and “Weather Girl” now sport a cello line. Derri Daugherty’s vocals are admirably untouched by the 25 year gap, still ringing as pure and bright as ever. This is not just an album for super-fan completists, but for anyone who appreciates acoustic music and a well-expressed turn of phrase.

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