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  • All solid tonewoods
  • Beautiful flamed maple top and alder body
  • 5-strings allow for those extra low tones
  • Versatile electronics offering both active and passive modes
  • 3 band EQ (in active mode)
Street Price $649.99

While my primary instruments are the acoustic and electric guitar, in times of need, I am able to support the rhythm section of our worship team in the lower register. The Yamaha TRBX605FM 5-string bass goes above and beyond what I would ever require to fill out our sound!

Now, when it comes to “electrified” instruments – solid bodied basses and guitars, specifically – I believe the selection process begins even before plugging in and amping up!

The body of the instrument should resonate. It should sing without any amplification. The player should feel the tone reverberate right up against the body. The hands ought to be moved as the vibrations travel up the neck! This is the sign of a well-crafted musical instrument – complimentary woods and metals that were thoughtfully selected for a solidly constructed design; dozens of individual pieces finding singularity. The Yamaha TRBX605FM hits the mark in this department!

A 5-piece rosewood, maple and mahogany neck lead the way in comfort. Its profile, 1.692” nut width and 34” scale length combine to create a very “accessible” experience. Often times, there can be trouble transitioning from the narrow width and shorter scale of a guitar to a bass, but the TRBX605FM offers a great fit – a mild stretch is all that is required to follow the changes! And if needed, truss rod adjustments can be made via a convenient and elegant “notch” on the front of the instrument – simple and sweet.

This Yamaha bass’ body shape is yet another win. Its contours not only showcase the beautiful woodwork, but also provide a snug and very familiar fit. The horns and curves are reminiscent of a famous mid-50’s classic, so this bass found its home quickly and comfortably under my arm and against my core. A high-mass, die-cast bridge does a top-notch job at transferring vibrational energy from the strings, and its spacing provides ample room for all of the playing styles. Finally, convenient routing for a 9v battery and a robust output jack plate are welcome additions to this well-crafted instrument.

The satin finished flamed maple top and matching headstock are flawless – and as the top contours reveal a tight grained alder body, one can see that this bass is truly a show-stopper! I also really love what was done with the simple Yamaha branding on the headstock: the metallic, token shaped logo is an elegant and understated touch that crowns the overall “vibe” of the instrument.

“Versatility” is often the name of the game when in need of an instrument for a team that may play many different styles within the length of a service – this bass delivers in spades! The electronics, while wildly flexible, are very simple to use. The player can go from active to passive electronics with the flip of a switch! In active mode, the bassist gets access to additional controls: bass boost/cut, mid boost/cut and treble boost/cut. This is a huge benefit when going from an aggressive, forward tone in an upbeat praise song – to a contemplative, reflective, down-tempo worship song. The bass plays a fundamental role in the overall impact of a song, so having tonal options at one’s fingertips makes one even more effective for “creating the moment.”

My role as a worship leader doesn’t just mean standing behind the microphone, it also means standing behind my team – filling roles and supporting them so that they can worship while they worship. The bass, while often played a single note at a time, does so many things: drop out for a quiet moment, move up the octave for a build, then fill and shake an entire arena when it’s time for that last chorus! The truth is that I’ve only begun this aspect of my journey… the bass guitar can take a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master. Fortunately, the TRXB605FM is a wonderful instrument that will continue to serve its purpose, my purpose and God’s purpose for years to come!

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