When a song like “Good Good Father” is written and sweeps so quickly through churches around the globe and is recorded by so many different artists, I’m always anxious to hear what the artist will put out next. Well, Pat Barrett did not disappoint at all with the song, “The Way.” This song was so timely for my church personally. It seems my congregation has grabbed ahold of “The Way” even more so than “Good Good Father!” It’s such a strong declaration of belief, and powerful to sing!

The song is recorded in the key of “Bb,” but I often play it in the key of “A” and it sounds fantastic with the cut capo. I’ll chart it here in “A”, and to play in the key of “Bb,” simply add a full capo on fret 1 and move the cut capo up to fret 3.

For the intro and the verse, I play a straight-8 (8th note) down-up strum on the bass strings (strings 6, 5, 4). It is a very simple sound and helps to create the groove and also to setup the dynamic change going into the chorus. As the band comes in and fills up the first chorus, I’ll play more diamonds (only strumming the chord changes) and then go back to the bass strings for verse 2. After that, it’s pretty much full band, full on for the ending choruses and bridges. That should really parallel the dynamic of the church singing the song.

Take notice that the fingering for the “A5” is an “A-chord” with no 3rd or no “C#” note. With the “C#” removed, the chord is not as “muddy.” It’s easy to mute the 5th string with the same finger that’s holding down the note on the 6th string.

Give it a try. Remember to capo UP one half-step (full capo on fret 1 and cut capo on fret 3) to play with the recording. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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