The Gray Havens: She Waits

Dave and Licia Radford once again deliver a solid set of spacious tunes, bringing the Christian faith to everyday life. “See You Again,” “Gone Are the Days,” and “Forever” speak to hope beyond the grave. The sonics are brilliant as ever, with several new musical flavors added to their previous “Neil Diamond sings The Decemberists” approach: equal parts passion and compassion. The title track soars with unexpected falsetto. “High Enough” features a mellow hip hop beat and a rap verse by the delightfully ubiquitous Propaganda. Album highlight: “Three Birds in Babylon” blends a trip hop beat, thick synth bass, minor key piano arpeggios, and flute flourishes into a spooky Regina Spektor effect. “Storehouse” celebrates God’s endless grace with a gospel vibe. An eschatological theme binds the album together, describing the Church’s anticipation of the day of Christ’s return when, in the words of J.R.R. Tolkien, “Every sad thing is coming untrue.”

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