Hillsong Young & Free: III

Since 2013, Hillsong Young & Free has firmly established themselves as a go-to band for millennial worshippers with past hits like “Alive,” “Wake,” “Sinking Deep,” “Real Love,” and “This Is Living,”. Their EDM inspired dance-like worship has been a near perfect blend of hot mainstream styles and Christ centered lyrics. Young & Free returns here with their third full-length album, aptly titled III which is a huge album with a whopping seventeen tracks written and arranged for the young worshipper.

While the first three songs, “Let Go,” “Every Little Thing,” and “Just Jesus,” start things off with the fervor and raucous joy-filled worship HYF is known for, it’s not until track four, “First Love,” that we see the album start to show some diversity and spiritual maturity. In this gorgeous prayer the worship leader cries out to God asking Him to keep us close as we grow older when the world tries pulls us away from our faith.

“Heart of God” utilizes portions of the old hymn “I Surrender All” to great effect, as they praise God for His heart of kindness and mercy that leads to repentance.

In “Jesus Loves Me,” the innocence of child-like faith comes to the forefront on this modernized take of the beloved children’s song.

III is a great combination of the fun, joyful and unique musical style that HYF has been known for while simultaneously showing that their writing is maturing as their faith grows. Personally, I think these songs would be difficult to emulate instrumentally, but most are easy to sing and will appeal to a younger audience.

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