John Van Deusen: I Am Origami (Parts I, II, and B-sides)

John Van Deusen stepped out from popular Seattle band, The Lonely Forest, with the brilliant summer 2017 release of ten solo tracks as I Am Origami: The Universal Sigh, a delightful blend of muscular indie rock and whispered acoustic ballads. That success proved no fluke when he followed up just a few months later with I Am Origami: Every Power Wide Awake, another generous fourteen tracks across a variety of styles from electric guitar to piano; from solo vocals to stacked chorale; from a one minute snippet to a 10 minute epic. Now, mere months later comes yet another installment of tracks left off of the first two projects. Some verge into Sufjan Stevens “Me and my drum circle turned on the tape recorder” kitchen sink instrumentation; others hit the high points of Lord Huron’s indie rock, or are sparse as a porch-front concert. Between a track based on the writings of Julian of Norwich, a Scripture song from Proverbs 3:5-6, Habakkuk 3’s message of trust in adversity, and the joyous declaration that, “The penance of my sin rest[s] on him,” this is some of the most explicitly and artfully done Christian music you’re likely to find this year, while remaining engaging both lyrically and musically. Here’s to hoping that Van Deusen has another dozen tunes like these in his back pocket, ready to release into the wild.

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