Pat Barrett: Pat Barrett

Best known as the primary singer/songwriter for the band Housefires, Pat Barrett is a worship leader at Grace Midtown in Atlanta, GA. With songs such as “Build My Life” and “Good Good Father,” Barrett is a key songwriter and artist in the broader worship community. His self-titled solo worship debut overflows with memorable, easily reproducible corporate anthems for the church whose themes explore real-world faith struggles that every listener will connect with.

The twelve-track collection features a number of the ‘greatest hits’ from previous Housefire projects, as well a number of new songs with that ‘in the living room’ feel. Both new and old are given new life with light production while walking a thin line between ‘organic’ and ‘polished’ in a way that feels perfect for
these songs.

The standout tracks include the opener, “Into Faith” which is a powerful mid-tempo proclamation of how it can be difficult to live a life of faith, yet God’s mercy and victory over sin reminds us that our faith is not in vain. “The Way (New Horizon)” is destined for lots of radio play and is uplifting, and catchy from the
opening riff.

My favorite song on the album and one I can’t wait to teach to my church is the Tomlin-esque. “God Is So Good (You Are Worthy)”. This acoustic driven song of praise blends old and new seamlessly by effectively using the chorus from the classic folk song, “God Is So Good”. Both old and young in your congregation will instantly connect with this one.

Barrett’s exquisite tenor voice is soothing and full of life as he connects with listeners about the struggles we all face in this life while pointing us back to a God who is head-over-heels in love with His people.

The only nitpicky thing I have was that a few of the tracks at the end of the album were too similar in style and content and started to run together a bit, and I get the feeling that Barrett’s voice can do a lot more than what we get to hear on this album.

These are songs born out of Barrett’s life-experience and the faith struggles that point a hurting world to the heart of God. Free of overused Christian cliché’s and cookie-cutter arrangements that we have heard far too often, this is a wonderful album that is chock full of authentic, well written and performed worship songs that will have an immediate positive impact on you and your church.

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