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For a long time we shared song charts with each issue, so we’re super excited to kick start that again. But rather than just share the charts, we wanted to take a deeper look into the worship artists and songs that are speaking to all of us.

In the busyness of life, it is easy to forget that the songs we play on Sunday to minister to others are also designed to minister to us. Discovering that the worship leaders behind our favorite songs struggle with the same kinds of challenges that we do is key to understanding why these songs speak to us as worship musicians.

“Give Me Faith” was the first song that I heard from Elevation Worship. Together with the immensely popular “Do It Again” these songs do a great job of ‘bookending’ Mack’s contribution as a member of the Elevation Worship team. As humans, we tend to measure our self-worth by our successes. As believers, we know that it is God who ‘gave us the gift’ and chooses what He’s going to breathe life into, not us. To step into what God has for us, sometimes we have to leave the success of the season past, if we’re committed to see what God has waiting for us in the season to come.

In listening to the “Into Dust” it is clear that Mack carries something that is uniquely his. We’re excited to share this song with you as well as the insights of the worship artist behind it!

[WM] Mack, thanks for joining us! You are stepping into a new season as a worship leader and as a songwriter. Although you have numerous successes behind you, it has to be a bit of a faith walk believing that God will show the same kind of favor in this season as he has in the past. Are there any Bible verses that have really spoken to you in this season, and if so, which ones?

[Mack] The two passages of scripture that have been foundational for me and my family these past few years have been Joshua 6 (the walls of Jericho falling) and Exodus 14 (Moses leading the Israelites through the Red Sea). Both stories have been something my wife and I have discussed a lot in this season – stepping out into the unknown, being obedient when it doesn’t seem to make sense. God constantly asked the Israelites to simply trust him – no matter how absurd it might look.

Having faith isn’t necessarily walking with full confidence or having no fear. For us, it’s been just being obedient. Speaking with the Lord, reading his word, trusting him even in the middle of our fear, speaking confidence into our family and circumstance, even if we’re lacking that internally.

And he’s proved over and over again that we can trust Him. That He is with us every step of every day. It’s been a good year.

[WM] When we’re broken and our dreams feel like nothing but dust is often the time that God ministers to us most powerfully. This song is a great reminder of that, both individually and congregationally. What advice do you have for worship team leaders, members, or believers in general about having ‘eyes to see and ears to hear’ so we are ready to be the ‘hands and feet’ for the people in our lives who are feeling broken?

[Mack] Sometimes as worship leaders, it’s easy to look out into our congregation and it just becomes a crowd. A sea of nameless, story-less faces that are singing along with us. One of the things I try so hard to intentionally do, each time I lead, is to remind myself of individuality in every worship experience. Everybody that I’m leading has a story, has a hurt, or a triumph. I don’t need to know the specifics of someone’s history to understand that they have a history. As humans, we all carry those weights and burdens, and worship reminds us to hand our burdens off to our God, who’s strong enough to take them.

On a practical level, get to really know the people you’re leading. Spend time with them. Listen to their stories. Worship becomes much more special when you know about the people you’re doing it with.

[WM] In your Worship Together interview I loved that you said that our disappointments don’t scare God. Would you care to expound on that a bit more?

[Mack] Growing up in church, my biggest struggle was always that I was a disappointment to God. That if I questioned him, or doubted him, or even complained about a situation, He’d see that as an insult. Being disappointed is a part of life. We can’t escape hurt, we can’t escape unmet expectations, and it’s OK to voice that frustration to God and let Him carry it for us. The Psalms are full of David confessing his frustrations – and God is big enough to take it and love us regardless.

[WM] You also talked about stepping out in faith. If you liken building faith to developing muscles, what are some of the things you’d suggest people do in the ‘mountain top seasons’ to prepare for seasons in between?

[Mack] Write things down! Or at least find ways to remember all that God has done. It’s easy to be in a good season and just coast through it. Then when we hit a low point, we struggle to remember anything about the good season. We struggle to remember anything about the times God showed up in our lives and delivered us. But when you take intentional note of God’s goodness, of all the ways he’s been present in your life – then, when you’re in a valley or feeling discouraged, you have something tangible to go back to. To literally remind you that God is always there. In the good and the bad.

[WM] Thanks again for joining us.

[Mack] Thanks for having me!


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