All About Worship: My Pursuit

One of the more recent trends in worship album releases is the collaboration of different artists, singers, writers, and musicians who come together to form their own unique collective. Rather than a single church or worship leader writing and releasing his or her own songs, these collectives bring a variety of writing styles, experiences, and instrumental diversity that represent what God is doing through music in the larger Body of Christ here on earth.

Based in Nashville, “All About Worship” is a collective of Christian writers and musicians that is led by Gateway Church Pastor, Michael Farren. Their first live worship release, My Pursuit, features both new and veteran worship leaders from across the country including:┬áKrissy Nordhoff,┬áDustin Smith, Benji Cowart, Corey Voss, Tony Wood, and many others. The ten song album was specifically written with a focus on what God has done for His people, and the songs are intended to be simpler in nature so that worship leaders and bands around the world could incorporate them into their own worship services.

“Lift My Eyes” is a driving acoustic anthem based on Psalm 121 featuring Alisa Turner’s silky yet expressive voice. This surprisingly mellow album opener talks about the faithfulness of God and that He is the help we need amidst the trials of life. This song is easy to sing, memorable and will resonate with your worship audience.

“I Can’t Contain It” begins with gorgeous piano arpeggios and pad as Dustin’s sincere vocals declare how God’s power and love overcomes all and strengthens us. “Great Is The Lord” follows in the same vein, also being a piano driven ballad of pure vertical worship that speaks of the abundance of love that our God has for us. Rhyan Shirley’s vocals on this track are fresh and honest, reminding this reviewer of a young Christy Nockles.

“Hope Of The Cross” is a powerful song of worship with a decidedly Irish flavor that lays out the story of the cross in poetic beauty. The combination of Cowart’s expressive tenor and Norhoff’s airy harmonies are a perfect compliment to the powerful Celtic instrumentation of this song of victory.

“Royal Blood” closes out the album in declarative power as Michael Farren reminds us that we share in the victory of Christ because of the blood of Jesus that runs through our veins. The driving drums, guitars, and piano hooks provide a powerful foundation for this song of hope.

I really appreciated how most of the songs on My Pursuit focused on what God has done and continues to do for His people rather than what we are going to do for Him. I enjoyed the myriad of vocal talent and sincere scriptural content contained in this project. I think the collective hit the mark of making these songs singable and easy for most worship teams to play.

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