Army of Bones

Stu G is not the only former Delirious? member making waves. Martin Smith, already successful with a string of solo albums as well as his international development work with CompassionArt, returns as a member of this four piece band alongside Steve Evans, Reuben Hersant, and Jonny Bird. These songs belong on radio alongside Radiohead, Imagine Dragons, and Muse for all the right reasons: Driving rhythms, strong vocals, and hooky melody lines. The lyrics tend toward abstract struggles. Opening track “Don’t Be Long” rings with the keening vocals, steady 8th-note bassline, and echoing guitar of October-era U2, but “Dead in the Water” boasts fat analog synth sounds worthy of The Killers, while “Break Away” rides high on a disco-era hi-hat line. Is the fierce “Batteries” the best of the set? Is it the banshee guitar of “River”? You be the judge.

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