Bryan and Katie Torwalt: Champion

Bryan and Katie Torwalt are a husband and wife worship leading team who came out of the Jesus Culture movement and are most known for their 2013 Grammy winning worship song “Holy Spirit,” which is now being sung in churches internationally. Their sophomore album, Champion, contains a robust 13 songs of worship.

This album doesn’t break the template that have molded the releases coming out of Jesus Culture and their ensuing worship acts. In fact, the songs here are what you would expect from Jesus Culture. Bearing the same imprints of keyboard-driven stately worship numbers, many of the songs start off slowly before exploding into some soul stirring moments. Lyrically and thematically this album kind of jumps around a lot, but there are a few songs that focus on the light of Christ and about the love that God has for us.

The better cuts include the title track, which is a celebratory anthem of Jesus as our champion who overcame sin and death. “You Never Let Go” begins with haunting piano and cello and reminds us that God is not some distant being but that He knows our heart and walks with us through the good times and the hard times in life.

The best song on the album is “High Above,” which would make for a wonderful call to worship or service opener and features a gorgeous instrumental section that fits perfectly.

With a title like Champion I was expecting a bit more of energy and celebration with this album. Instead I got a couple of standout worship songs with a bunch of pretty sounding, mid-tempo songs wrapped around them. It is not Bryan and Katie’s fault that this album kind of left me flat. I really do not understand why producers keep putting out these huge albums of songs that all sound the same. That being said, there are still a few nice moments that you and your church can use.

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