The Choir: Live and On the Wing (CD/DVD)

Too few Christian bands have seen their concert performances preserved by professional videographers, but at least the list of deserving-yet-unchronicled groups is one band shorter now. This project finds the four core Choristers complemented by frequent collaborators Marc Byrd (guitar) and Christine Glass (vocals, percussion) on seventeen tracks that lean heavily on their critically acclaimed Chase the Kangaroo and Circle Slide albums, with enough recent tracks along the way to show that their early successes were no fluke.  The crowd, hushed rather than frenetic, clearly appreciated how readily the band replicates the spacious, ambient feel of the studio versions in a concert setting. The DVD is the main attraction, but the career retrospective CD, containing the same songs, makes a welcome addition to the package.

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Robert is a Sunday School teacher, music nerd, and acoustic guitar enthusiast. He lives in rural Tennessee with his wife and three boys.

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