Chris Quilala: Split the Sky

Renowned Jesus Culture worship leader, Chris Quilala, may look like he is a member of the latest boy band, but his musical prowess, spiritual maturity, and artistic integrity are in full evidence on his first solo release, Split The Sky. This album features twelve new songs that point listeners to God’s almighty power and love for His people.

A few of the better cuts include the first track, “Welcome Here,” which is an energetic Sunday morning opener that speaks to how we need to be preparing our hearts not only to worship, but also for Christ’s return. “After My Heart” is along the same musical vein and will definitely appeal to a younger audience while reminding us how God never stops seeking our hearts.

The softer, more intimate side of the album comes through on songs like “Surrendered,” which features a tight vocal duet with Kari Jobe, and “The Length of the Cross,” which is based on Ephesians 3.

My favorite song on the album is the reverent and powerful “Heaven Came For Me.” Here we have musical painting at its finest as Chris’ soft, innocent tenor is backed by several deep synths, pads, and kettle drums. This musical layering is a key component in communicating that our God, while majestic and powerful, still knows us by name and wants an intimacy with us like no other.

I really loved most of this album. I appreciated the musical integrity and artistry that I found on here, and I especially thought Quilala and his team did a great job of using musical space to create moments of tension and contemplation. This album has depth and feeling and was devoid of a lot of the usual Christian worship clich├ęs.

There were a few places where the electronic sounds and bleeps distracted me from what as being sung, but for the most part this was a wonderful first offering from Chris Quilala. Well done!

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