Chris Tomlin: Never Lose Sight

Chris Tomlin has often been called “America’s Worship Leader,” and with good reason. Tomlin is probably the best known Christian artist in the world and has won countless music accolades, including multiple Dove and Grammy awards. His songs are sung around the world and he is one of the primary pioneers of the modern worship genre.

His latest solo project, Never Lose Sight, reminds the chosen people of God to keep their eyes focused on eternity as they live life here on earth, with 14 songs of worship that will change your focus and challenge your faith.

The first radio single, “Jesus” follows in the same vein as the worship hit, “Jesus Messiah” from a few years ago, but takes the listener deeper by exploring how Christ’s power and love is as relevant today as it was when He walked the earth 2000 years ago. “Impossible Things” follows and features American Idol finalist, Danny Gokey whose dark vocal tone mixes nicely with Tomlin’s shining tenor to create a tight vocal mix.

Tomlin’s re-write of the classic hymn “Come Thou Fount (I Will Sing)”. It is well done, but a bit obvious, and his version of the over-covered “Good Good Father” is honest and straightforward but isn’t anything that we haven’t heard before.

Where this album shines is on the final two tracks of the deluxe version. “God and God Alone” is based on Ephesians 4 and Romans 8, and is destined to be another Tomlin classic as it declares the reign of Christ on Earth. The best song on the album is the one that wraps it up. “Kyrie Eleison” is a gorgeous foray into the power of forgiveness and mercy that only God can give, featuring 3 CCM giants, Matt Maher, Jason Ingram, and Matt Redman. Their voices blend seamlessly, and my only complaint is that this track should have been included with the non-deluxe version. This track alone is worth the price of admission.

This is another classic Tomlin album that will get plenty of radio airplay, and many of the songs will find a regular home in churches across the world. Some of the songs had similar arrangements and tended to run together, and that would be my only negative remark.

Tomlin has done a great job here of keeping the central theme of the album true to the title. We should never lose sight of the eternity that our God has prepared for us after our time on this Earth is done. Although we will encounter trouble, fear, doubt, and pain, we have been bought with a price and our future with Him is secure. This is a great album of songs for your church that put the focus back where it belongs, on what our God has done for us and the reward we have waiting for us in Heaven. Thank you Chris for helping refocus us on what is truly important.

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