Here at [WM] we like to spend some time talking with the various Christian record companies and see what is going on there. In a recent call with one of them – Word Worship Music, we found out about a new project they have started that you might want to get your worship team involved with. It is called The Church Will Sing.

Word Worship Music has collected new songs from the writers of some of the most well known songs of our day, including “At the Cross (Love Ran Red)”, “Revelation Song”, “Good Good Father”, “Jesus Only Jesus”, “What a Savior”, “Whom Shall I Fear”, and more and have put together a fresh approach to interacting with your own team.

We asked the Director of Word Worship, Jonathan Mason, to tell us about it, “While flipping through a hymnal one day, the realization came over me that there have always been a group of skilled writers who have written songs that live on through the lips of Christ’s Church for generations to come. I’ve heard it said that history will remember a song, but not necessarily an individual voice. This statement really resonated with me, along with the recollection that the voice I remember of the songs I grew up singing in church is that of a congregation. I recall the blend of voices, young and old, male and female. The hope for this project is to incorporate voices from all over the country instead of a featured artist. In a sense, the featured artist is you, your church.”

Jonathan goes on to say, “These gifted songwriters who are involved in this project have written hundreds of songs collectively. The sad reality is that it’s common for most songs written in our day to sit on publisher’s computers awaiting a major recording artist’s release. This new initiative will distribute these songs directly to the list of churches who have signed up to be involved and opens the invitation for the congregations to be a part of the project through the recording of their congregational voice.”

So the big question is, “How can you get your church involved?” You can sign up at to receive the backing tracks, videos, and other resources, as well as the recording instructions.

We think this is a really cool idea. Now go sing and sing well!

Bruce Adolph / Publisher


    • Hello Sarah and thanks for your message! It does look like it may be US only, but we are looking into it and will follow up once we have a definitive answer. God Bless – [WM]

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