Although it weighs less than my coffee mug, Cymgard has the strength to protect your cymbal during storage or travel AND this nifty device allows you to practice your crash techniques without waking the guy upstairs.

Constructed of sturdy elastic rubber, Cymgards fit onto and around the circumference of a cymbal to provide both edge armoring and sound dampening. Cymgard Standards and Cymgard Lites fit single cymbals, while Cymgard Hi-Hats fit matched pairs of hi-hats. Practically any standard cymbal diameter is available (up to a massive 24 inch plate). The various sizes and models range in price from $9.95 to $26.95 (MSRP).



Cymbals fitted with Cymgards can be safely stacked horizontally or vertically.  Cymgards prevent cymbal edge contact with storage racks and/or other cymbals.  These safeguards help to ensure that your cymbals will remain undamaged whether stored in bags, vaults, or the tight-fitting slot of a trap case. Cymgards are also an inexpensive and effective solution for cushioning your precious plates when it is necessary to mail or ship.

My initial installment of Cymgards on four cymbals took me several minutes and a considerable amount of effort. I started the process with the printed directions, but found consulting the on-line video to be more helpful. The demo video also states that Cymgards are easier to install after a break-in period. Sure enough, after leaving the device on a crash cymbal for about 48 hours, I removed the Cymgard and immediately reinstalled it very quickly–with much less effort.

After placing Cymgards on a ride, crash, and a set of high-hats, I sat down at my drum set for a test drive. The reduction in both ring and volume was a pleasant surprise to my ears. Removing the constant cymbal ring during practice allows a drummer to clearly hear subtle details of cymbal work that are often masked by uninterrupted ringing. You will be able to clearly evaluate every stroke as you practice a brisk swing pattern on a Cymgard-equipped ride cymbal. I enjoyed striking a cymbal with the velocity that would normally produce a hearty crash while hearing little more than the quiet wood-against-rubber contact sound. Based on the previous sentence, your spouse might actually buy you a set of Cymgards.

Although some drummers might use Cymgards on a regular basis when driving their gear to a downtown gig, the product would be a very wise investment for players who place their favorite cymbals in the hands of others for long distance transport. Although I did not personally try the drop test, the manufacturer’s demo video was very convincing as I observed a Cymgard-equipped plate falling from about five feet and striking edge-first onto a concrete floor without any damage.


That level of protection should be enough to endure a hurried baggage handler or the deadline-driven loading crew.

Learn more at the Cymgard website:


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