Key Features

  • Two Channels
  • Harmonic Bloom
  • Solid Construction

$1,195 Street

Inspired by the sound of the Ampeg B15, A Designs released the original REDDI (Red DI) tube direct box in 2002. The expanded REDDI v2 emerged in 2016.

The REDDI v2 runs the same 6N1P (dual triode) gain stage and custom-wound Cinemag output transformer as the original REDDI. However, the v2 offers two channels and a more substantial power supply, in a 2U rack enclosure.

REDDI v2 weighs in at 13 pounds, comparable in construction to the best vintage and custom gear I know. On the front panel, v2 has Neutrik Combo inputs, XLR outputs, 1/4″ “thru” (dry feed to your amp) ouputs and “level” knobs for each channel. The toggle switch for power is impressively solid. The rear panel has a small toggle switch to lift the audio ground. The (IEC) power jack includes a fuse compartment, offering user-selectable (115/230VAC) voltage option.

Be advised: Tube gain (16dB) is fixed and the “level” knobs determine output level only.. So, you will have the same tone at any output level. (A wide-open level knob results in roughly unity-gain at the corresponding output. Even so, for best results, attenuate the “level” knob and send the output signal to a preamp.)

In testing REDDI v2, I used my Daking mic preamp. The Daking DI section and Aguilar Tone Hammer DI were also compared with the v2. I evaluated tone via a Dangerous Music and Focal monitor setup.

I started testing with my Salas bass. REDDI v2 delivered a very solid foundation and an abundance of harmonic bloom, without obscuring fundamentals. Call it a “round” sound with good definition. I achieved similar results playing an Epiphone acoustic guitar. In fact, the guitar sounded much nicer than it is.

I tested with my Moog synth next. While REDDI v2 softened some of the finest detail, the sonic presentation was engaging and more visceral. I then ran an old, cheap digital keyboard through the gracious v2. Indeed, the result was a richer, more commercially-viable sound.

REDDI v2 is matchless in its ability to enhance the tone of any direct instrument feed in the studio or on stage. Being dual-mono, v2 can simultaneously serve two musicians. (Stereo operation requires only proper level-matching.) Plug-ins have their place, but REDDI v2 brings real analog vibe and a unique presence that helps instruments sit well in a mix. Hear and feel the difference.

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