Eric Kneifel: No Shadows

Portland, Oregon based worship leader, Eric Kneifel, has been leading God’s people in song and corporate worship for more than 20 years. His debut worship album, No Shadows, was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign and contains twelve new tracks of songs for the church. Most of the songs on this album would fit into the Paul Baloche, Jeremy Riddle genre, and thematically the album is centered around the theme that when the light of Christ enters our hearts, no shadows remain.

Eric’s strong and emotive vocal tone gives the songs on No Shadows depth and character, while the guitar work throughout is better than average. Songs like the opener, “I Will Rejoice,” “Sweet Sound,” and “You Alone Are Worthy,” are written with the Sunday worshiper in mind, and most songs are worship band friendly that are well written and aptly arranged.

This album really shines when Gabriella Marita lends her alto on “This Is Our God,” and the violin mixed with acoustic guitar on “Good Shepherd” is a warm and inviting way to wrap up the album.

Overall, this was a nice first release from Eric. His writing is authentic and scripturally based, and most of the songs here are easily singable without being mired in a sea of Christian Clich├ęs. The production value was surprisingly good, considering the fact that he had to raise his own funds for this project. Some of the songs sound a bit dated and tend to run together, but for the most part there are some very well written and memorable songs that your church will enjoy singing.

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