Fernando Ortega: The Crucifixion of Jesus

Sometimes a worship album comes out that completely shatters modern CCM stereotypes of what modern worship should sound like, while reminding us that creativity and a passion for God’s word do still exist in the world of modern worship. The Crucifixion of Jesus is Fernando Ortega’s 20th album but his first since 2015, and it is definitely worth the wait for those who appreciate something a bit more relaxed and traditional.

Most of the cuts here are rooted in somber retrospection, as the crucifixion of Jesus is obviously the main theme, but there are also a few songs that vary the emotions such as the bright and celebratory “Prepare the Way O Zion”, which tells us the coming of the messiah and features gorgeous piano arpeggios that work well with Ortega’s soft flowing vocal tones. “In My Father’s Kingdom” takes us to the upper room as Jesus shares the last supper with his disciples. The glorious mix of the mid-tone piano and cello relate the bitter-sweet moment that Jesus and His disciples must have felt on their last night together.
The readings between most of the songs are absolutely perfect and help the album feel more like a worship service than just a collection of random songs.

The Crucifixion of Jesus is more than just a worship album, it is a liturgical experience that takes the worshiper from the prophecies of the Old Testament to the foot of the cross. This is a beautifully written album and the mixing is spot on. This entire album could be used in order as a Holy Week service or broken up and done during the season of Lent much like Holden’s Evening Prayer. Well done Mr. Ortega.

Track listing

  • Blessed Be Our God
  • Reading: Say to the Daughter of Zion
  • Prepare the Way, O Zion
  • Reading: Money Changers
  • House of Prayer
  • Reading: Last Supper
  • In My Father’s Kingdom
  • Reading: Peter’s Denial
  • Stay With Me Here
  • Your Will Be Done
  • O Great Love, O Love Beyond All Measure
  • Reading: Excerpt from Holy Living
  • Ah, Holy Jesus, How Have You Offended?
  • My Song Is Love Unknown
  • Reading: Crucifixion
  • Psalm 22
  • Stricken, Smitten and Afflicted

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