Future of Forestry: Awakened to the Sound

If you heard the Travel Series’ U2/Coldplay approach or Pages’ pleasant Ed Sheeran-like acoustic pop and think you know what this band is about, think again. This time out, writer/singer/producer/mixer Eric Owyoung embraces worldbeat, featuring Indian sarangi (look it up), lush soundtrack orchestration, and piles of layered vocals. From the urgent strings opening “On Giant’s Shoulders,” you know you’re onto something special. “Covers You” is the most gorgeous song you’ll hear this year about God’s comfort, or anything else, replete with Regina Spektor-style piano argpeggio triplets building into orchestra and tribal drums supporting his glorious Rufus Wainright vocal delivery. “She Walks in Beauty” puts Lord Byron’s famous 1813 poem definitively to music, and you’ve never heard Matthew 11:28 in the inspirational (as opposed to Inspirational) way you will on “Rest.” Awaken to Christian music that competes with the finest of the mainstream, here and now.

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