Give Someone an Opportunity (Like an Indie CD)

Nothing speaks of “Christian” and “musician” more than giving someone an opportunity they did not have before. You have this gift, even if you don’t feel like it. What you have achieved through hard work and persistence can be a gift to a struggling artist. Just a demo recording in a couple of hours can help. Will it always be appreciated fully? No. Will it sometimes result in your losing some business to your assisted person? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes.

As a believer in this world, it is my response/ability to engage in the culture around me in a productive and positive way. Out of the abundance of grace that God has given, we live our life to demonstrate this gift of life in abundance. Not fear or lack, but abundance. You increase influence as you help others create an indie CD, for instance. VERY indie, even.

Similarly in music. We receive good gifts by way of opportunities in church or in mainstream music and we are grateful for them.

There are studies showing the mindset of the lowest socioeconomic class is that of sharing around with all. Middle class collects more items. The highest classes of people work through contacts and connections. Basic human nature is to be self-oriented and add to your own security and opportunity first. Take a cue from the least of these and share the opportunity with the community of people who God places in your life. Help them arrange a song for their indie CD.

Reach also into the next mindset and pull into your world more development of connections and relationships. I wrote earlier this year about relational community and public relationships. It is my Christian mindset to share the benefits or multiple layers of relationships with a diverse array of contacts and musical opportunities. I give people opportunities. I help them make an indie CD.

Sometimes the opportunities turn out to be less than desirable. I may have recommended people whom I believe will truly benefit. For various reasons, it may not turn out well for the musician I helped get the gig or record the CD. I hate that, but I communicate clearly on front end and I negotiate the relationships when things do go poorly. People will make poor decisions or handle situations with missteps whether we recommend or not – it is our pleasure to recommend and refer and bring people into opportunities we see as directed by God the Holy Spirit and with wisdom.

From our abundance.

From the overflow of blessing.

Give from a place of security and comfort in God and give with enthusiasm and good cheer. You will see a wider group of successful friends emerge, you will find yourself invested deeper and broader in the local music community, and (I hope) you will see a return on that investment not only in the success of your friends and young artists, but in the increase of your fortunes in music financially and personally. And your shelf will be, like mine, lined with hundreds of indie CDs!

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