Grace Chapel Worship: So Loved

Grace Chapel Worship is the worship ministry hailing from Grace Chapel Church in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee. Their 4th studio release, So Loved, is a fresh collection of 12 new songs for the church. The album, while mostly rock inspired, is slightly tempered with a warm southern groove and feel.

I was very impressed with the level of writing and producing, as well as the overall instrumental and vocal skill displayed by Worship Pastor Jonathan Allen and his team throughout this project. I felt like I was listening to a big-budget album, yet with the warmth and intimacy of a smaller church setting. Most of the songs are well written and authentically performed by the team, and I found myself wanting to be a part of a worship experience at Grace Chapel.

The Tomlin-esque “Meet Us Here” kicks off the album appropriately, as this toe tapper would be a great service opener for most churches. “One True Love” and “Just The Thought” are also in the same vein with driving guitars, etherial pads, and soaring choruses that define the current worship trend.

The album pretty much sits in this genre until the piano and soft female vocal take over in the melodic ballad, “Christ Be All”. This is a memorable song about how Christ is all things to all people, and I really loved the melody line here.

This leads into another intimate offering, “Greater Still”, which is sung by worship leader, Debi Selby. This song begins with bright acoustical guitar picking and slowly morphs into a robust declaration of victory over the grave that is infectious.

My favorite song on the album, and one my church will be doing soon is “The Table”. This is a well-written vertical song of worship about the Lord’s Supper. Grace Chapel did a phenomenal job on this song, capturing the idea that Christ offers His body and blood to reconcile us to our God through His sacrifice on the cross. This song is well written, both melodically and lyrically, and the arrangement is perfect.

So Loved is great album. There is nothing earth-shattering with regards to the style of music they play, as it pretty much fits in the sweet spot of current worship trends. Their music is honest, well thought out, well written, and easy to sing. They did a nice job of staying clear of over-used cliche’s for the most part, and the musicianship and production is solid and clean. I also appreciated the split between male and female worship leaders, which kept things interesting and fresh. I know of at least three songs that my church will be doing from this album. Check it out!

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