Hillsong United: Wonder

Hillsong United is undoubtedly the most well-known and influential worship artist of the modern era. Their sixth studio album, Wonder, is filled with gorgeous songs of vertical worship whose purpose is to re-kindle man’s sense of awe and recognition of just how amazing our God is. Thematically, the album focuses on the wonders of God’s unexpected grace, His unending faithfulness, and creative power, while encouraging listeners to open their eyes and to experience His mercy and the wonder of His love.

This album has a decidedly more spiritually mature feel than recent Hillsong releases. These songs are scripturally rich, well written, and delivered with passion and authenticity.

Some of the better cuts include “Shadow Step,” which features the syrupy sweet voice of Taya Smith and creatively explores how God never stops pursuing His people. “Glimmer in the Dust” is a wonderful musical journey that reminds us that even in the storms of life, God is working wonders, and if we would just open our eyes, we would see another layer of His majesty and love for us. “Splinters and Stones” takes us on the road to the cross and offers a new creative look at the crucifixion of Christ and the impact it had on humanity.

Wonder is a fresh and a welcome change from recent Hillsong releases of the past few years. Gone are the seemingly endless array of Christian clichés, pad intros, and uber-repetitive choruses that, in my opinion, were hurting their message and helping fade them into a sea of worship mediocrity. Wonder is a spiritually rich album with many wonderful musical landscapes that will convict, inspire, and bring hope to people living in a world that says that God is dead and the church is irrelevant. Well done.

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