Influence Music: Christ Redeemer

Influence music is a new worship collective of worship writers and leaders from around the country who are committed to creating resources to help build and sustain a healthy worship culture in churches across America. Their latest EP, Christ Redeemer, features five new songs of Easter taken from Red Rocks Church in Colorado and Rochester Christian Church just outside of Detroit.

Let me say right away that I love this album! The songs are great, yes, and I will get to them in a minute, but I could tell right away that this was not going to be what is becoming an all too familiar menu of over-produced, over-played, and over-cliché’d worship songs. These songs are written and performed by NORMAL church musicians. When I say that, I do not mean that the writing was sloppy or that the guitars were flat or the drums off beat or that the mixing was sub-par, no. These songs are raw, rootsy, and real, and this reviewer could easily see his worship team playing and leading the congregation with any of these songs on a Sunday morning.

“Love Changes Everything” kicks off the album with a mid-tempo song of victory about the death and resurrection of Christ complete with grooving bass lines and powerful background vocals. Lyrically, we are reminded that what Christ did at the resurrection was the most important event in history and that He really did change everything.

The title track, “Christ Redeemer,” is a modern hymn that expresses the breadth of Jesus’ life story and how the relationship between God and His people was restored because of the death and resurrection. Penned by worship leader/songwriter Nate Marialke, this song is a glorious explanation of how God’s redeeming power lasts throughout history and extends to every generation.

“There Is A King” reminds me of the well loved “Revelation Song,” with its moving piano and rhythmic guitars as we are given a wonderful glimpse into the heart of a God who is head-over-heels in love with His people.

The only negative thing I would say is that there weren’t enough songs on this little EP. I was left wanting more. This little album is a gem.

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