July 2018

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    • Hey Dan – that is a GREAT question – I/we will look into this – thanks for your message – appreciated!

      Cheers ~ Doug // [WM]

  1. Hi, Great content! I look forward to every issue. Can I suggest an article? As a bass player I continually come up against music where I’m asked to follow a bass line that is written for keyboard and is totally unsuitable for bass. I’d be interested in your views on how to deal with that?

    • Hey Robert – thanks for your message – and kind words – appreciated! We LOVE taking requests. The article you just described is perhaps part of a larger article or series of articles on how churches (especially smaller ones) are supposed to present some of the synth laden EDM-influenced songs that are popular these days, given that fact that many smaller teams don’t always have the instrumentation and/or players to put together some gynormous arrangement. The same is true for bass, in that there are some songs that are about synth bass and not bass bass (that looks funny). Robert, can you kindly gives us a couple songs by name, I’m sure the artists’ feelings won’t be hurt. THANKS for reaching out – MUCH appreciated!

      Cheers and God Bless ~ Doug // [WM]

      • Hi Doug,
        Thanks for your prompt reply. One that popped up just this morning was an old one by Noel Richards, All Heaven Declares. If you’re playing with a drummer especially, the keyboard bassline is just wrong! it also sounds really mushy if the keyboard player is a bit heavy with it. You virtually have to create the line on the fly. Laura Story’s beautiful song ‘Blessings’ is another one. In the absence of a full band score which certainly my church can’t afford for each song, I’ve had to create my own bass part. There are many more. I’ve become accustomed to doing this but newer bass players may find this a bit difficult. Many band leaders are also keyboard players who just don’t get why you’re not sticking to the Notes. It has been a small bone of contention in the past. My current leader is well used to me heading off piste as it were and thankfully understands why.

        • Dear Robert:

          Not quite as fast on the second response, but I did get a chance to listen to Blessings. As you pointed out, some keyboardists can get heavy-handed on the bass keys and that only complicates things. You’ve left me with a number of things to chew over, so thanks again for taking the time to share. MUCH appreciated…

          Thanks and God Bless ~ Doug // [WM]

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