Kari Jobe: The Garden

Our world seems to be growing increasingly turbulent as the church and the notion of God get pushed further and further from the center of Culture. Amongst the chaos, Christians around the world are wondering where God is in all this. Dove award winning worship leader Kari Jobe’s latest release, The Garden, does a masterful job of answering these tough questions by pointing people in despair to the rest and peace that only Christ can offer, while reminding us that eternity with Him awaits.

The title track leads the album off in delicate style as Jobe’s signature vocal is surrounded beautifully by an ethereal orchestra as she sings of God’s unending desire for an intimate relationship with His people.

Based on Chronicles 7, “Heal Our Land” calls for repentance and a heart-felt cry to God to restore the broken relationship between man and God. “Oh the Power” is a stunning musical exposition about the redemptive power of Christ that begins in the Garden of Gethsemane and takes us to the foot of the cross.

“The Cause of Christ” is a declarative song of both faith and action that I absolutely loved because Jobe not only declares boldy what she believes, but also sings about how she’s going to act on those beliefs and encourages us to do the same. This is a powerful song for the church that could easily find its way into your regular worship set.

Kari Jobe’s songs have always had a mystical spiritual quality unlike any other CCM artist, and this is what sets her apart from most. However, The Garden pretty much stays with this musical menu throughout, which hurt this album a bit. I also would’ve liked to have heard at least one or two male vocals or a duet to break it up a little.

That being said, The Garden is classic Kari Jobe. These are songs born out of real life experience and reliance upon God’s love in the midst of struggle. Her quiet intensity comes across in full force throughout this album, and this collection of songs will be one that people will cling to for hope while in the midst of a storm of life.

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