Kerosene Halo: House on Fire and Live Simple

Derri Daugherty (of The Choir, mostly) and Michael Roe (of The 77s, usually) first teamed in 2011 as Kerosene Halo for an Americana-style project, which was mainly cover songs of the likes of Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen. This double-barreled sequel includes one album (House on Fire) of new songs by friends like Phil Madeira and Gordon Kennedy, and one album (Live Simple) of covers requested through a crowd-funding campaign. House on Fire features full band in a roots rock style; not to be missed is “The Ghost of Johnny Cash,” a rumination on imperfect saints. The Live Simple covers album, stripped to twin guitars, runs from Buddy Holly through T-Bone Burnett to Future of Forestry, but the highlight is a recreation of The Prayer Chain’s sultry masterpiece “Bendy Line,” the original grunge guitars migrated seamlessly to mostly acoustic sounds.

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