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British Christian organization The Message Trust, associated with the band Worldwide Message Tribe (later known as The Tribe), has assembled multiple new ensembles recently. One is this dance/hip-hop outfit which includes former Tribeswoman Lindz West in collaboration with the likes of Martin Smith and Solomon and Lauren Olds. Christian music nods include those to POD (“We’re the youth of the nation” in “Stolen Voices”) and MC Hammer (“Oh my Lord, thank you for blessing me” on “Two Left Feet”). Musically, LZ7 offers straight-up EDM, with all the high-energy four-on-the-floor drum rhythms, glitchy, pitch-ramping synths, and rap breaks you’d expect from the genre today. The lyrics are mainly of the “Life is fun, music is great” variety, with much appreciation for an unidentified “you,” but the ministry’s related web site (www.message.org.uk) makes their evangelistic mission clearer.

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