Marie Miller: Letterbox

Marie Miller came on the scene with a 2006 EP (now rare to find) and a 2013 follow up EP that garnered both radio and TV exposure. Now, ten years after Miller’s first Christian radio hit with “Cold”, comes her first full-length album. Musically she recalls a less twangy Taylor Swift in the days of her country-leaning pop. Like Swift, she’s at her best with songs drawing scenes from life. “Angeline” and “Boardwalk” give rueful tribute to friends who moved away. “Stones You Throw” reflects on relational examples of how “The earth’s polluted by our tiny little sins.” “Story” draws on famous couples, from Peter and Wendy to Hector and Andromache. “Next Best Thing” counsels a younger sister away from a bad boyfriend, while “Glitter Gold” mourns a friend gone astray.

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