Matt Redman: Glory Song

Two-time GRAMMY® winner Matt Redman has been gifting the church with honest, simple songs of worship for many years. His newest album, Glory Song, is a collection of musically diverse tracks whose songs are well written and performed with the local church in mind.
Recorded at the iconic Capitol Records in Los Angeles, Redman united with 120 local worship leaders and songwriters on group vocals and special collaborations to make this album have more of an eclectic feel musically and thematically.

For the most part the songs here are pretty laid-back, simple songs of praise with themes ranging from hope in a desperate world to the theology of the cross and the future we have to look forward to in heaven.

Some of the better cuts include the opener, “All Glory” which is an a vibrant and uplifting opener with Bethel type instrumentation and chord structure. Kierra Shierd’s vocal at the end of song helps the final chorus soar to celebratory and infectious heights.

“Greatest Hallelujah” is a gorgeous piano led piece with acoustic overtones about how our response to God’s forgiveness and mercy is to give Him our lives. “Gracefully Broken” and “Hope Is Marching On” are Southern Gospel inspired songs about the hope we have through the redemption of the cross. Tasha Cobb’s soulful vocals on the latter give this track life as her powerful voice mixes perfectly with Redman’s throaty baritone vocal.

For the most part this is a nice offering from the legendary worship leader, with many of the songs and arrangements leaning toward the simple side of things. Some of the instrumentation and melody lines seemed a bit dated and out of place, and I was less than impressed with the recording and mastering in spots. That being said, this collection still has some tender worship moments that will bring you close to the heart of God.

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