Michael Roe: Gothic

When Michael Roe rolled into Denver on September 2, 2001 for a show at the stately Gothic Theatre, he didn’t expect to be joined onstage by local guitar legend David Beegle (formerly with progressive instrumental group Fourth Estate) and his band. This rehearsal-free performance, oft-bootlegged, now gets an official release, and the results are pure rock-and-roll delight. Roe leads the impromptu band through epic versions of favorites like “MT” (notoriously challenging to arrange for live performance), “Nobody’s Fault but Mine” (hewing closer to the blues original than to Zeppelin’s rock version), and “Perfect Blues”. Covers include Terry Taylor’s “Wall of Heaven,” Booker T’s “Green Onions,” and McCartney’s “Blackbird.” Beegle offers a virtuoso solo flamenco guitar performance as well. To sweeten the deal further, Roe adds three recent studio performances, including a languorous cover of Cole Porter’s “Too Darn Hot” and a lovely electric instrumental in the vein of “Don’t This Way.”

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