It’s the worship leaders job to select songs that will resonate with their church…songs that are fresh and new…songs that breathe life and freedom into the worshipers. I believe God introduces me to those new tunes for my church through a variety of sources, like posts on FaceBook, station mixes on Spotify, and even articles like this one.

This past July, following the NAMM show, my daughter, Sara, and I attended service at Gateway Church in Franklin, TN. It was in that service that God showed me a song that would be a great fit for my church in Louisiana. Chris Clayton was leading worship that day, and it was the first time I heard “Fighting For Us” by Michael Farren and Krissy Nordhoff. It happens to be the title track from their church’s (Churchouse) latest recording.

The lyric is incredibly powerful, boasting God as our defender and deliverer. The melody is accessible and has a familiar feel. Musically, the song is easy to play and has a cool melodic hook that is super easy to play while you lead with the Short-Cut capo. For my church, we play the song in the key of “B.” To play in “B” with the Short-Cut capo, place a full capo on fret 2 and the Short-Cut on fret 4 and use chord shapes from the key of “A.”

“Fighting For Us” is played in 6/8 time at a medium tempo (around 48 bpm). To play the melody with your Short-Cut capo, follow the blue note in Diagram 1 at 3-counts each (half measure…on a metronome at 48bpm, every beat represents 3 counts). For fingerings, I use my 3rd (ring) finger on the 6th string and play the melody with my 4th and 2nd fingers. The third note in the melody is on top of the capo. This is only to highlight the note in the melody and is played with an open string. The diagram shows the capo at the 2nd fret. This would be fret 2 (key of “A”) or 2-frets in front of a standard capo to play in other keys…as I stated before, I play one step up, so my full capo is on fret 2 and the Short-Cut on fret 4.

Buy the song (the CD for that matter) wherever you buy your music, and encourage your church to purchase and learn this song with your team!

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