OneThing Live: Love Makes Us Strong

Recorded at their yearly Young Adult conference in December of last year, OneThing Live’s 8th worship album, Love Makes Us Strong, is an authentic worship collection of some of the most powerful and memorable songs from the event, led by members of the International House of Prayer worship team.

Some of the more outstanding cuts include “Victorious Love” led by Lauren Holmes. This vertical anthem of worship encourages us to leave our fears behind and meet with Jesus, who can overcome the impossible. This song shines with instrumental brilliance and Holmes’ youthful, shimmering vocals give depth and presence as she sings passionately about the victory we have in Christ.

Long time International House of Prayer worship leader Laura Hackett Park takes the lead on the cover of the Chris Tomlin song “Even So Come,” and delivers an outstanding and honest performance as she fervently sings about the return of Jesus.

Further featured on the album is the compelling rendition of the song “Even Unto Death,” sung by worship leader and critically lauded singer-songwriter Audrey Assad, who co-wrote the song with Matt Maher in remembrance of those martyred for their faith in the Middle East. Assad’s ghostly vocals blend beautifully with the electric piano backing, and the militaristic drum beats give the listener a sense of calling to fight the good fight of faith.

The most stirring and intimate song on the album is the piano driven ballad, “Jesus, You’re Beautiful,” led by Jon Thurlow. The song is a cry to God to open our eyes and to see Him in every part of our lives. You can almost picture the sea of hands raised, eyes closed, and voices singing in unison as thousands of people sing out as one body to the risen Lord.

This collection from OneThing Live is nothing new. They pretty much keep the same formula that they have had on previous albums, and it works for them. The album is, for the most part, pretty mid-tempo and a bit on the mellow side, so if you are looking for big energy and rockin’ anthems, you might pass on this one. Most of the songs on Love Makes Us Strong will be easy for most worship teams to play and there are a few nice lyrical moments that will resonate with your congregation.

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