Get a Grip on your Bigsby with Palm-o-low

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Key Features

  • Ergonomic Fit
  • Easy Installation
  • Trem-O-Adapter for guitars without a Bigsby tremolo

$39.95 Palm-O-Low ($59.95 with the Trem-O-Adapter)

$24.95 Custom Tremolo Arm ($49.95 with the Trem-O-Adapter)

Vibrato is not easy for many guitarists to achieve with their hands alone, this is the reason that a mechanized metal tremolo unit was created to attach to a guitar and provide this wavering sound. But, no matter who the manufacturer is, it is very easy to achieve too much vibrato or not enough depending upon the spring tension, tension of the strings, the pivot points and the tremolo arm. The business partners at Tremolution Ltd. had the same challenges as the rest of us but instead of complaining or blocking the tremolo like a hardtail, they invented an alternative.

The original Palm-O-Low is a contoured tremolo arm designed to replace the OEM arm that comes with a Bigsby tremolo. The shape of the Palm-O-Low is designed to ergonomically fit your hand so that your palm rests in it to leave your picking finger free instead of grasping a tremolo arm. It also has the ability to swing out over your guitar strings more easily so that you can achieve subtle vibrato while playing. The review unit was placed on one of my electric guitars and the retrofit arm only took about ten minutes to install. You can definitely nail the Chris Isaac sound with this and it was much easier to use than the typical bar that comes with a Bigsby. The only thing that felt a little awkward in the beginning is that the arm is over the top of the strings and it feels much closer to them than a factory arm.

Tremolution’s next offering is the Custom tremolo arm which is longer like a standard Bigsby arm but it is curved in towards the strings at the middle and away at the top so it doesn’t interfere with your picking. Both the Palm-O-Low and Custom Tremolo arms can be installed on a Bigsby trem or ordered with their new Trem-O-Adapter.

The adapter will fit any vintage style bridge (except Floyd Rose or other locking systems) that could benefit from a center pivot instead of a side one that tends to throw strings out of tune. The two allen head bolts allow you to secure the Trem-O-Adapter on your guitar in a few minutes and it comes with the Palm-O-Low or Custom tremolo arm as part of the unit. I installed the adapter to an older GSC guitar of mine that I could never find a tremolo arm to fit. The adapter worked great and looks like it was made for the guitar if you didn’t know better!

The Palm-O-Low is now available on Amazon but all other Tremolution products are only available direct at their website at this time. The original Palm-O-Low sells for $39.95 ($59.95 with the Trem-O-Adapter), the Custom Tremolo arm goes for $24.95 ($49.95 with the Trem-O-Adapter). Bigsby’s have always oozed a cool element to me thanks to so many big name players using them from Lonnie Mack, Duane Eddy, Chet Atkins and Brian Setzer to name a few. It’s great that a small company like Tremolution has stepped forward to provide us with some options for a product that has basically gone unchanged since Paul Bigsby invented it. The metal construction and fit and finish on the Tremolution products are top notch and does not give the appearance or feel of a retrofit to the Bigsby. Since testing these out I have introduced several other Bigsby fanatics to them as an alternative. These are prime examples of a, “Why didn’t I think of that moment”. A new product that can spice up our tremolo playing relatively cheap!

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