Passion: Worthy Of Your Name

Ho hum, another year, another dome filled with 55,000 college students in love with Jesus and worshipping alongside such leaders as Kristian Stanfill, Brett Younker, Melodie Malone, Chris Tomlin, Crowder, Matt Redman, Christy Nockels and Hillsong UNITED. This is the foundation for the latest Passion live worship album entitled, Worthy Of Your Name, whose menu offers 11 new songs (2 studio versions on the deluxe album) that are once again sure to find plenty of air time and whose songs will be sung in churches around the world.

Of course, this reviewer’s sarcasm about the “ho hum” of such an incredible yearly event should be obvious since there is really no other gathering in the world that has given the church more songs than the Passion Movement. The biggest difference between Worthy Of Your Name and previous Passion albums is that there seems to be a passing of the torch as Chris Tomlin is only featured on one track and Christy Nockles is nowhere to be found. Kristian Stanfill now seems to be the face of the passion movement as he sings lead on a majority of the tracks.

Bellarive frontman, Sean Curran takes over the lead on the poetic title track, “Worthy is Your Name,” which is a rich theological anthem that  gives fresh vocabulary to the glory of Christ.

Legendary worship leader Matt Redman sparkles with an edgy and fervent tone as he sings the celebratory Easter anthem, “Your Cross Changes Everything.” Melodie Malone once again gives a stunning vocal performance as she draws us into God’s throne room on the pensive ballad “Holy Ground.”

Of course, no Passion album is complete without a Chris Tomlin sighting, and this year was no different, even though he is only featured on one track. “God Of Calvary” was previously released on his Never Lose Sight album in 2016 and is featured here as well, albeit not as flashy and memorable this time around.

Crowder’s lone track, “Forgiven” is a standout lyrically as it puts the spotlight on how our sinfulness was what nailed Jesus to the cross, and yet we are the ones who receive His amazing grace.

Worthy Of Your Name is a big album, yet it is also quite predictable.  The instrumentation and arrangements are pretty much on par for what Passion has been doing for years, and most Passion fans will appreciate that because let’s face it, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Other than a slight changing of the guard and a bit better writing, this is a decent, if not obvious, collection of songs that worship teams can draw from for their Sunday morning gatherings.

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