Paul Baloche: Your Mercy

Paul Baloche became one of the pioneering leaders of the modern worship movement during the 1990’s and is still writing and leading worship songs that connect people with the heart of God. He is well known for such worship classics as, “Open The Eyes of My Heart”, “Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)”, “Glorious”, and “Our God Saves”. Such a lengthy tenure with Integrity Music speaks volumes of Baloche’s ability to stay current and find fresh vocabulary and expressions of worship. His latest worship album, Your Mercy is a bit of a departure from previous worship releases. This collection features 12 new songs for the church done in a warm and inviting acoustic tone that showcases the idea that less is indeed more.

This is a very personal album and one that represents the changes in Baloche’s personal life as he and his wife Rita left their church in Texas after 26 years, sold most of their stuff, and moved to a small apartment in New York. This album show us a much more introspective and mellow Paul Baloche as he explores themes of mercy, humility, repentance, weakness, and peace that comes to us through the Sacrifice of Christ.

Some of the standout cuts include the title track which casts the listener in the role of the prodigal who is constantly being sought out by the father who is full of mercy and runs out to meet us when we fail. This song is a beautiful explanation of how full God’s heart is for His people and how much He wants us to be in right relationship with Him.

“Turn Your Eyes” is a nifty little re-write of the well-loved hymn that pays homage to the original melody, but lyrically focuses more on the light of God and how we can be that light to the world. “To The Cross I Come” sounds most like the classic Baloche worship sound we all know and love with its driving rhythm and memorable hook laden chorus.

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Paul and his music. That being said, this was not my favorite Baloche album. I have become so accustomed to what his albums tend to bring that I think this one caught me a little off guard. This collection of songs, like pretty much most of what Paul has put out over the years, are nicely written and performed, but there just wasn’t those two or three big rocking anthems that we are used to. That being said, I think these songs are a window into the time of life that Paul and Rita are entering into. Paul’s music has been, and continues to be, a reflection of the journey that he is on, and I am thankful that he has invited us as listeners to join him on that journey for so many years. Thank you Paul for blessing us and reminding us of how big the heart of our God is for His people, and how simply He loves us.

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