Rocktron Micro Hush Pedal

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Key Features

  • Provides up to 65dB of signal cleanup
  • One simple threshold knob for adjustment
  • Does not cut off notes like other noise gates

$95.20 Street

All of us have experienced hiss and pickup noise from our pedals, amps, and instruments, and nowhere is this more noticeable than when we’re playing in a church or fellowship hall when things get quiet!

I have used and tested a number of noise gates over the years, but many of them also lost some of my nuances of playing and seemed to shut down the sound right when I was trying to be subtle! Rocktron has been designing and building dependable music gear for musicians since 1983, and their first hit was the original Hush sound reduction unit!

The recently released Micro Hush is designed for guitar and bass players with limited pedal space, but the need for cleaning up their sound. The Micro can provide 65db of sound reduction and still keep your tone. It has a true bypass foot switch, ¼” in and out, and one knob for adjustment. It requires a 9v power source, and due its size you can’t use a battery. Rocktron suggests that you place their Micro Hush at the end of your pedal chain and then dial in the amount of sound you want to allow through. From the test unit that was sent for review I like the solid build, simple control and the smoothness of attack compared to other noise gates.

The Micro Hush doesn’t cut off your notes like some pedals do. It’s more of a fade out like you would expect a note to decay after you play it. Dimensions are 3 5/8” by 2 1/8” by 2” and it only weighs 5.3 ounces so it won’t eat space on your board or weigh you down.  Street price is $95.20, and for the quality of the pedal and service it provides I feel it’s a good deal. Plus, your congregation will thank you when the hiss of your pedals, amp, or single coil pickups aren’t drowning out everything else in the service!

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