The Royal Royal: Rococo

The Royal Royal is comprised of Gabriel and Nathan Finocchio. The brothers began writing music in their father’s church in Ontario, Canada and have since released 2 EP’s and 2 studio albums since 2011. Their songwriting skills and artistic genius inspire a unique and powerful worship experience. Their fall release, Rococo, features 11 new songs of vertical worship that are well written, theologically sound, and creatively crafted for the modern church.

Musically, this album features a very interesting mix of modern pop rock with an 80’s type feel, complete with electronic drums and synths that actually works well together amidst the warm and glowing tenor of Gabriel’s vocal. Some of the major themes include the majesty of God, the power of the Gospel, and the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

A few standout cuts include the opener, “I-90,” which is an interesting instrumental mix of African rhythms and modern synth while serving as the intro for the second track, which is “Water”. This energetic song of praise could serve as a great Sunday morning worship opener, as Gabriel passionately calls for the Spirit to fill and cleanse us. The powerful drums, ethereal pads, and lofty melody lines create beautiful musical layering.

“Afterlife” is an electronic Pop rocker about the life in heaven we have waiting for us only because of the Faithfulness of God, and “Champion” reminds us that God is in control of all things even when life seems chaotic.

The album really shines on the quieter offerings where we get a glimpse into the heart for Jesus that the two brothers have. “Everything” is an honest and beautiful song of thanks to God reminding us just how important His sacrifice was for us, while “I Found Love” is a flowing song of love about how God never stops running after us and only in Him can we find the joy of true love.

The final track, “Love 3” speaks of the never-ending love of God and features hauntingly beautiful guitar tones amidst flowing keyboards that create a gorgeous celestial background.

I really enjoyed this album. The songs were structured well, the lyrics were personal and heart-felt, and you could tell that many of these songs were written out of personal experience and genuine hunger to be closer to Christ. The arrangements were unique and musically creative, and although I would have enjoyed hearing a few more female vocals, Gabriel’s vocal prowess shines through on every track. Well done.

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