Sandra McCracken: God’s Highway

McCracken’s 11th album since 2000 finds her stepping away from jangly acoustic pop into a mellow “live in the home studio” setting. Recording over a period of just a few days, McCracken (on piano, guitar, and of course vocals) reunites with producer/stand-up bass player Jay Foote as well as guitarist Kenny Meeks and percussionist Spencer Cohen for a clutch of rustic gospel originals with a sound between Gillian Welch and Sheryl Crow. As on her recent Psalms album, some tracks call out their Scriptural basis in the title: 1 Peter, Psalm 131, Jude 23-24, The Lord’s Prayer.

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Robert is a Sunday School teacher, music nerd, and acoustic guitar enthusiast. He lives in rural Tennessee with his wife and three boys.

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