Shai Linne: Still Jesus

Pastor/rapper Linne has been focusing on the “pastor” side of his calling since 2014’s “Lyrical Theology Part 2: Doxology.” Now he’s back with the beats, bringing along guests like the brilliant Beautiful Eulogy collective, Monielle, and Quinten Coblentz. His usual torrent of passionate, biblically informed discourse divides equally between the glories of Christ (“Lord of All,” “Immutable,” and “Supreme”) and the responsibilities of his peers not to compromise in the quest for fame (“Random Thoughts 3,” “Ichabod,” and the satirically boastful “I’m Hot”). Even your parents will be able to understand his clear, witty delivery of lines like “What you swallow on earth, you’ll be digesting in Hell.” Preacher Paul Washer surfaces on two tracks. There’s no song called “Revival” here, but if you know anyone who doubts whether rap can adequately express love for Christ, direct them here.

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