Skillet: Unleashed

The last ten years have been hard times for hard music. Radio barely remembers a time when “rock” was a verb and even ballads had guitar solos. Yet Skillet has not only survived in this pop era, but also thrived. Their music has changed in degree rather than concept in the decade since their Comatose album. The guitars are crunchier, the synths thicker, John Cooper’s vocals gruffer, Jen Ledger’s chirpy interjections ever more elfin. They are who they were, only more so, and at least as catchy as ever. The track “Out of Hell” even features the sort of full-bore dueling guitar work which doesn’t get heard enough in new music. You’ve heard of “God/girl” songs that work either spiritually or romantically? Skillet’s “God/game” lyrics could easily be about one’s Playstation prowess. Various songs announce, “I feel invincible,” and “I’m undefeated,” and “We walk as lions,” and “We are kings and conquerors,” and “You can’t resist us.”  The braggadocio is a bit much all at once, but in small doses, it’s fist-pumping fun to augment your free weights routine or Call of Duty session.

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