Theocracy: Ghost Ship

After a five year lull, Theocracy roars back with another power metal attack. The title track is a call to join God’s “misfits,” and is easily one of the catchiest songs you’ll hear this year. It’s like 1988 all over again: like Swedish band Narnia (who also had a great recent self-titled white metal album), Theocracy delivers dueling guitar solos, clear tenor vocals, hook-laden melodies, and harmonies stacked up to heaven; everything a Stryper or Europe fan would crave. Double kick-drum breaks and surprise key changes are the only nods to more contemporary approaches to rock. The gospel comes through loud ‘n’ clear: “Your greatest acts are filthy rags, but grace alone is free, so rest in Me.” The next time someone complains that Christian rock died in the 90s (or the 70s!), point them here.

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