I have spent much time talking about the importance of knowing our rudiments. They are the drummer’s equivalent of knowing scales and arpeggios on pitched instruments. The cleaner our rudiments are, the cleaner our drum set playing will be.

This time around we are going to work on roll strokes and doubles. There is a classic drum solo that I learned in 7th grade called “The Three Camps.” It was originally used to wake up the troops, and its composer is unknown, to my knowledge. It can be found online, and is probably the most well know drum solo using doubles and roll strokes. I suggest you learn it as a snare drum piece first before you try this version I created for drum set.

Step two would be to play it on a snare drum, but play all the accented notes as rimshots. Play downbeats with your feet on the hi hat and bass drum, and always play to a metronome.

Step three is to play all the accented notes with the bass drum (while still playing rimshots for those accented notes) and downbeats with your left foot on hi hat.

Step four is to move the doubles to the hi hat and add the syncopated bass drum part I have created in this drum set version of the piece. It sounds really cool to play it fast, but it is harder (I think) to play it slower and concentrate on clean doubles. The obvious independence issue is doing a clean double with your left hand while playing a strong right foot on the bass drum.

I have had a few of my students learn this piece and it has done much to improve their doubles and help with their independence.

I hope this gives you a fun way to practice and clean up your doubles.

Happy practicing!

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