Vertical Church Band: Frontiers

Vertical Church Band is the songwriting and worship team from Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago that includes worship leaders Meredith Andrews, Seth McConkey, Kyle Fredricks, Andi Rozier, and Jon Guerra, among others. Their fourth full-length album serves as a wonderful expression of worship that is both scripturally rich and honest.

“1000 Tongues” kicks the album off with a youthful and energetic vibe with thumping kick drums and electronic sounds reminiscent of Jesus Culture or Hillsong Young and Free. Lyrically, this song of celebration speaks of the power of the cross and the hope that only Jesus can bring.

Like their previous release, Church Songs, this album tends to rest in the mid to slow tempo genre with a majority of the songs being on the more intimate and reflective side. “This We Know” reminds us of God’s faithfulness and truth amidst a world that sees the church and its God as irrelevant. “Exalted Over All” follows and speaks of the hope that the name of Jesus brings us.

“Let Everything” wakes the listener up just at the right time and is a powerful anthem of praise that is electronically driven and finds it’s scriptural foundation in Psalm 100.

Meredith Andrews adds her fluid vocals to one of the more standout songs, “Come Holy Spirit”.  This intimate worship offering features gorgeous piano arpeggios throughout while Meredith cries out for a “pure and righteous love, to see and be undone”. Even though the song is more than eight minutes long, it kept me engaged and singing throughout.

The best song on the album is the contemplative prayer, “Always Have,” which speaks of how deeply God loves us and that He never stops choosing us and calling our name no matter how we have turned our back on Him. This is the type of worship song we as the church need to sing.

There are some real winners on this album from Vertical Church Band. I do wish they had taken a few more musical risks, but the writing here is solid and the songs have some really good hooks and lyrical themes.

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