The Welcome Wagon: Light Up the Stairs

Pastor/artist Vito Aiuto has never been shy about his faith; an album title like Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices (2012) deserves some sort of truth-in-advertising award. He and his wife Monique collaborated with producer Jeremy MacDonald to offer another round of quirky indie acoustic pop along the lines of Belle and Sebastian, or Anathallo. They continue to embody the combination of whimsy and profundity characterizing their early producer and booster Sufjan Stevens. This album has fewer Sufjanesque twee song titles than its predecessor, but “Galatians 2:20” and “HC01” (a musified excerpt from Zacharias Ursinus’ beautiful Heidelberg Catechism of 1563) announce music that’s not only conversant with Christianity but eager to discuss it. Highlight: The low-fi rocker “All These Trees.”

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