Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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Worship Guitar Talk with Michael Hodge, Guitarist at Lakewood Church

Michael, in addition to serving at Lakewood, you’ve had a truly prolific career. Tell us...

The Belonging Co – A New Kind of Church

Location, location, location. That is not just a slogan for real estate salespeople, it is the reason...

Worship Guitar Talk with Hillsong’s Michael Guy Chislett, Part 2

READ PART 1 (Worship Musician, August 2017) Over the past decade MGC has grown from being one of...

Iron Bell Music

We caught up to Stephen McWhirter of Iron Bell Music just a week after an incredible experience...

Taste + See with Ricardo Sanchez

If you’re looking for some worship-fueled musical inspiration, I encourage you to check out Ricardo Sanchez’s new...

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